Welcome to Eden Brewery

Thirst quenching real ales crafted in Cumbria.

Eden Brewery is the home of Eden Gold, the best golden ale available in Cumbria according to the Head Brewer! We also brew Eden Best & First Emperor throughout the year. Eden Brewery is one of the few Cumbrian breweries to produce a true cold fermented lager using a bottom fermenting lager yeast rather than a top fermenting ale yeast. Every year we offer a different range of seasonal ales.

We have recently introduced a fantastic range of 330ml bottled products, based on the cult film 'Withnail & I' starring Richard E Grant and filmed very close to the brewery in 1986. Look out for Antifreeze, Scrubbers, HereHareBeer, RLF & Revenge, and now also Terrible 'C' and Black Jake, all packing a punch!