Welcome to Eden Brewery

Eden Brewery - Thirst quenching real ales crafted in Cumbria. 
Eden Brewery - based at Brougham Hall, near Penrith, on the edge of the Lake District - brew some of Britain's finest ales. Our beers are divided into three distinct ranges to satisfy the most demanding thirst!

Great British Ales 
The heart and soul of most breweries, we brew the finest beers with the finest ingredients for great flavour and taste. Sample Eden Gold and you will taste one of the best Golden Ales in the Lake District. Eden Best is the best of the bests with no shortcuts and no compromise! Eden Fuggle is so simple, so blonde; just quality Maris Otter barley and the humble Fuggle hop. First Emperor IPA is a British classic, a proper English IPA!

Hop Forward Ales 
Our answer to the American craft beer revolution. Full of flavour, with big bold hop quantities. Great beer, great flavour. Atomic Blonde, Dynamite, Green Bullet, & Depth Charge are all available in cask.

Withnail & I Craft Ales 
Available in bottle and released in cask when the team is in the mood (!) these beers are inspired by the cult film ‘Withnail & I’, which starred Richard E Grant and was filmed at Sleddale Hall, very close to the brewery in 1986. Look out for Antifreeze, Scrubbers, HereHareBeer, Black Jake, Terrible C, RLF, Revenge, and now The Embalmer!

As well as brewing Britain’s finest ales, Eden Brewery is one of the few Cumbrian breweries producing a true cold fermented lager. '66' Pilsner is brewed using bottom fermenting lager yeast which adds crispness, depth of flavour and refreshment.