Classic Cumbrian ales

Classic Cumbrian Ales

EDEN FUGGLE  Sometimes you need to break with tradition to get the best. That's why we use flavoursome French Fuggle hops (zut alors!) to fill this session blonde ale with flavour and aroma. Cask Ale 3.8% | 500ml Bottle  

EDEN BEST The best of the bests, brewed with Fuggle and Golding hops and Crystal and Chocolate malts for a deep chestnut colour and crisp, refreshing character. Cask Ale 4.0% | 500ml Bottle 

BLONDE KNIGHT Brewed with 20% rye for a crisp, clean refreshing taste. We use American Cascade, Chinook and El Dorado for great flavour. Cask Ale 4.0% | 500ml Bottle 4.4% 

EDEN GOLD Our famous golden ale; continental Saaz and Savinsky Golding hops give Eden Gold its distinctive, refreshing citrus flavour, while Cara malt is responsible for its beautiful colour. Subtle, refreshing and delicious. Cask Ale 4.2% | 500ml Bottle 4.2%  

FIRST EMPEROR A truly British IPA, subtly hopped with Fuggle, Golding and WGV for depth of flavour and a touch of class. Cask Ale 4.4% | 500ml Bottle 4.6%